Contributing to American Manufacturing and BusinessesPhono 2-SB Phone Preampliflier

One of our goals at LKV is to contribute, in at least a small way, to restoring manufacturing in the United States.  Our products are designed and assembled in North Conway, NH.  We use as many parts manufactured in the United States as feasible, including all enclosures and transformers, most resistors, switches and connectors, and the low noise JFETs used in gain circuits.   The following American companies have been particularly helpful in supplying parts and services:

Hi-Tech Fabricators of Milford, NH ( Mike Bailey, Hi-Tech’s Chief Operating Officer has been incredibly helpful, designing and manufacturing excellent enclosures for our products at very reasonable prices.

Toroid Corporation of Maryland.  ( designed and manufactured our excellent power transformers.

Linear Integrated Systems, Inc. of Fremont California ( manufactures the low noise JFETs that are critical to the excellence of our phono preamp.  They manufacture the wafers for these devices in the U.S., but subcontract some of the packaging of these components to overseas subcontractors.

NAC Semi ( a Linear Systems distributor, has been helpful to us in arranging for reliable supplies of these JFETs.

Demers, Negrete & Associates, Inc. of Milford, NH.  ( designed our LKV Logo, and developed this web site. Demers-Negrete also provides our website's continuing maintenance, hosting and email services.

News and Developments
New products, Upcoming events, Design breakthroughs and major developments at LKV.

26 Apr 2016
Stereophile Review: Michael Fremer says the LKV Veros One phono preamplifier is a "Class A performer" from which "utterly natural" music emerged. Read more.

26 Apr 2016
LKV Research will be demonstrating its Veros One phono stages and preamplifiers in Room 321 at Capital Audiofest July 8-10, 2016. Please join us at the Hilton Hotel at Twinbrook Metro, 1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852.

7 July 2015
LKV Research will be demonstrating its Veros One phono stage and its Line One preamplifier in Room 321 at Capital Audiofest on August 28-30, 2015. Full Press Release.

2 Jan 2015
LKV Research announces upgrades to the Phono 2-SB. Full Press Release.

Jan 2015
Enjoy the Music honors the Line One as one of the 20 best of 2014. Full Press Release.

31 Dec 2014
Positive Feedback honors the Veros One as one the best that they’ve reviewed during the course of the year. Full Press Release.

Nov/Dec 2014
Pete Davey of Positive Feedback reviews the Veros One, and concludes, "So, there you have it. The LKV Veros One is now the holy grail of phonostages, in my opinion, and I implore you to try one if you haven't already, there is definitely something you are missing from your system if you haven't." Full Press Release.

Oct 2014
Tom Lyle of Enjoy the Music reviews the Line One, saying that "the Line One sounds more like music than a piece of audio equipment. There is no higher praise." Full Press Release.