The Most Musically Accurate Power Amplifier Output Stage Available.

Vero PWR+ Power Amplifier

The LKV Research’s groundbreaking power amplifier, the Veros PWR+, joins the highly acclaimed Veros One in LKV’s top line of reference level components. The PWR pioneers the use in Hi End amplification of the 1ET400A, Purifi-Audio’s brand new Class D module.

Designed by Bruno Putzey’s, the foremost amplifier-design innovator working today, the Purify module is the most musically accurate power amplifier output stage available. Paired with LKV’s Class A, zero-feedback input/voltage gain circuitry it takes the listener closer than ever to the live performance. This combination yields what LKV’s Chief Designer Bill Hutchins calls “the best sounding power amplifier available today.”

Asked about the genesis of the PWR+, Bill explained, “The Purifi Class D module is so good, such a big step beyond any prior Class D design we have used or tested, that I decided we had to build it into a new amp. Even thought we had just introduced an excellent amp this past spring, I insisted we revise that design to employ the Purifi module. After several months of very hard work, and a lot of complaining from the bean counters, we have the Veros PWR+, which exceeds even my high expectations.”

The PWR+ accepts both single ended (RCA) and balanced (XLR) inputs, and delivers 200 to 400 Watts into 2, 4 and 8 ohm speaker loads. It’s very low output impedance yields a high damping factor and accurate, life-like bass. Its unique ability to maintain high levels of loop feedback even at high frequencies means it delivers extended, pure high frequency tones without edge or harshness. Its mid-range is gloriously musical. Overall, its nearly zero levels of distortion and noise mean that it brings to the listener’s ears an almost perfect representation of the live performance. 

As with all LKV components, the Veros PWR+ is built by hand in North Conway, NH.

Features of the LKV Veros PWR+ Power Amplifier:


  • High Power: 200 to 400 Watts per channel into 2, 4 and 8 ohm speaker loads to handle loud passages and challenging transients with ease.
  • Accuracy: Extremely low levels of both Total Harmonic Distortion and Inter Modulation Distortion mean the musical signal flows whole and intact to the speaker. You hear exactly what is on the recording.
  • Protection circuitry: Extensive protection circuitry senses overheating and short circuits to mute output and protect both speakers and amplifier.
  • Efficiency: Consumes much less power and runs much cooler than similarly powerful Class A or Class AB amplifiers


  • LKV Class A: Input, voltage gain and driver functions are performed by LKV’s signature Class A line level circuits, which use no loop feedback. They are constructed using tightly matched jfets and other premium components, including low tolerance metal film resistors and polypropylene capacitors. High accuracy (effectively zero distortion at musically most important power levels) is achieved using current source biasing, cascode amplifier topologies and differential (balanced) amplification.
  • Purifi Class D: The Purifi module embodies Bruno Putzeys latest (Patent Pending) advance in amplifier control circuitry. This innovation for the first time enables very high feedback to be maintained throughout the audio spectrum. As a result, the high frequency problems that have plagued all previous feedback amplifiers are banished. The complete audio spectrum can now be delivered to the speaker without degradation.


  • Linear Power Supply: Specially designed (1) to enhance performance of the Class A and D circuitry, and (2) to avoid sonic issues that can be caused by switching supplies.
  • Transformers: Three separate toroidal power transformers are employed in the PWR+: (a) One large 1KV transformer weighing over 12 pounds supplies high current for the Class D output stage. (b) A second serves as a floating, +15 volt supply for the driver circuitry in the Purifi module. (c) A third feeds the power supply for the LKV Class A input/gain/driver stages.
  • High Current Supply: This power supply employs almost 40KuF of capacitance and is specifically designed to meet the demands imposed by Class D amplification circuits. Most importantly, it copes quite effectively with “power pumping,” a problem unique to Class D amps.
  • Line Level Supply: To assure the very accurate, low noise/distortion performance for which the LKV Class A circuits are known, each power rail in this supply has two stages of power regulation, a capacitance multiplier, and 40KuF of capacitance.

Technical Specifications

Max Power (at 1% THD):
• Into 8 ohms – 200 Watts RMS
• Into 4 ohms – 400 Watts RMS
• Into 2 ohms - 220 Watts RMS

Frequency Response:
• 20Hz – 20KHz - +/- 0.04Db
• 3dB down points - 10Hz – 50KHz

THD @1Kz (1W / 10W / 50W / 100W, all RMS):
• Into 8 ohms: 0.0006% / 0.0026% / 0.013 / 0.026%
• Into 4 ohms: 0.0007% / 0.0017 / 0.007% / 0.012%
• Into 2 ohms: 0.0007% / 0.0008% / 0.0032% / 0.0060%

THD + N 20Hz to 20Khz (1W / 10W / 50W / 100W, all RMS):
• Into 8 ohms: 0.004% / 0.009% / 0.013% / 0.027%
• Into 4 ohms: 0.005% / 0.010% / 0.015% / 0.020%
• Into 2 ohms: 0.007% / 0.003% / 0.004% / 0.008%

Total Distortion (including slew induced) + Noise, Multi tone test (18.5KHz / 19.5KHz) (1W / 10W / 50W / 100W, all RMS):
• Into 8 ohms: 0.007% / 0.004% / 0.011% / 0.21%
• Into 4 ohms: 0.006% / 0.003% / 0.006% / 0.010%
• Into 2 ohms: 0.007% / 0.003% / 0.003% / 0.004%

S/N Ratio, 20 – 20KHz bandwidth, no weighting (1W / 10W / 50W / 100W, all RMS):
• Into 8 ohms: 90dB / 101dB / 107dB / 110dB
• Into 4 ohms: 88dB / 98dB / 104 dB / 108dB
• Into 2 ohms: 087dB / 97dB / 103dB / 10Kz 06dB

S/N Ratio, 20 – 20KHz bandwidth, no weighting (1W / 10W / 50W / 100W, all RMS):
• @1KHz = 114,000
• 20 -20KHz = 12,000

*These specifications are subject to revision based on further product testing and development.